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Personalised Induction Programme

Every NQT must have a Personalised Induction Programme. The core of the programme is regular (at least fortnightly) meetings between the NQT and their Induction Tutor.


The OTSA NQT Induction Handbook describes all the elements that must be included in the Personalised Induction Programme, as well as including all of the documents that must be completed as part of the Induction process.


Copies of the completed documents must be retained by the NQT and their Induction Tutor. The Appropriate Body may request copies of the documents at any time as part of its Quality Assurance responsibility. 

OTSA NQT Induction Training PowerPoint 2017/2018
This is the PowerPoint used in all NQT Induction Training with NQTs, Induction Tutors and Induction Co-ordinators. This training session is available in face-to-face group sessions, webinars and on-site in schools by arrangement.
Current OTSA NQT Induction Training 2017[...]
Microsoft Power Point presentation [1.7 MB]
OTSA NQT Induction Handbook 2017 / 2018
The OTSA NQT Induction Handbook contains extracts from the Statutory Guidance, an explanation of the Personalised Induction Programme and all of the documents that need completing as part of the Induction Process.
OTSA NQT Induction Handbook 2017 2018-5.[...]
Microsoft Word document [290.4 KB]

Key NQT Induction Documentation


The documents below are all included in the NQT Induction Handbook above, but you may also download them individually if you wish.

Personalised Induction Programme - Meeting Schedule
Agree the dates, times and locations for the NQT and Induction Tutor meetings at the beginning of the Induction Period and record them on this form. These meetings must take place at a minimum of once per fortnight.
Personalised Induction Programme - Meeti[...]
Microsoft Word document [38.6 KB]
Meeting Notes and Action Points
Use this set of forms for guidance about the focus for each Induction meeting, to record the discussion and agree action points.
MNAPS 2017-18.docx
Microsoft Word document [112.7 KB]
Teachers' Standards Evidence Form
The NQT must use the TSEF as a working document to record their evidence of meeting the Teachers' Standards. The NQT must meet all of the Teachers' Standards by the end of their Induction Period.
Teachers Standards Evidence Form 2017.do[...]
Microsoft Word document [44.9 KB]
Example of a Teachers' Standards Evidence Form
Example TSEF Form.docx
Microsoft Word document [56.7 KB]
Lesson Observation Form
The NQT Lesson Observation Form must be used when observing the NQT as part of their Induction Programme. The NQT must be evaluated against the Teachers' Standards, and not Ofsted criteria.
Lesson Observation Form 2017.docx
Microsoft Word document [81.3 KB]
Professional Review Form
The Professional Review Form is completed by the Induction Tutor at the mid-point between formal assessments.
Professional Review Form 2017.docx
Microsoft Word document [42.0 KB]

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