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Determining and Reducing the Length of the Induction Period

Determining the length of the induction period


The length of the induction period an NQT is required to serve, whether the teaching post in which they are doing so is part-time or full-time, is the full-time equivalent of one school year (usually three school terms).The appropriate body makes the final decision about the equivalence to one school year in cases where the NQT serves induction in more than one setting or in non­standard settings such as those in the FE sector.


In some exceptional circumstances the length of an induction period may be reduced.


Reducing the induction period


Even though some teachers already have significant teaching experience when they enter the maintained sector for the first time, they are still required to serve statutory induction. In such cases, appropriate bodies have discretion to reduce the length of the induction period to a minimum of one term (based on an academic year of three terms) to recognise this experience.


In making such a decision they must take account of advice from the headteacher and gain the agreement of the teacher concerned. If a teacher wishes to serve the full induction period they must be permitted to do so. The appropriate body may wish to consider what evidence of previous experience and performance they require in reaching their decision including performance management documentation from previous teaching employment. Examples of when this discretion might be considered appropriate include a teacher who has taught in the independent sector or who has gained QTS via the assessment-only route.


In such cases, only the final assessment meeting and report will be required with the headteacher’s recommendation on whether the teacher’s performance against the relevant standards is satisfactory or if an extension would be appropriate. The appropriate body will then follow the induction process in the normal way.


The appropriate body also has discretion to reduce the prescribed induction period by up to 29 days where this falls short of a full year and to account for ad hoc absence.


Examples of where OTSA will consider reducing the induction period:


Significant teaching experience as a teacher in:

  • An independent school
  • An Academy or Free School
  • An FE institution
  • A British School overseas
  • Any other institution where induction may be served




Significant teaching experience as:

  • An unqualified teacher
  • A teacher in a school where induction cannot normally be served
  • A teacher in a school that did not register them for induction
  • A teacher in an overseas school

Requesting a reduced Induction Period


To request a reduced Induction Period please complete the form below and send it to the NQT Induction Administrator a minimum of 10 working days prior to the due date of the assessment (proposed end date of induction period).




Request for Reduced NQT Induction Period
OTSA Request for Reduced NQT Induction.d[...]
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