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SEND Review - overview

A SEND Review looks at how a school strategically evaluates how it supports students with SEND with a view to raising standards. The review helps schools to identify areas for improvement within their SEND provision and to shape whole school development plans for SEND. The reviewer will be an independent, experienced leader with a track record of making these improvements for SEND pupils. OTSA has a number of designated SEND reviewers covering special, primary and secondary phases. 


A SEND Review guide, funded by the Department for Education and produced by teachers and school leaders, is available to download (www.thesendreview.com) and can be used by all schools to audit their own SEND provision and is most powerful when used as part of a programme of school to school support. 


The SEND Review Guide was created in partnership with over forty outstanding special and mainstream schools, as well as organisations such as Contact a Family, Ofsted, Council for Disabled Children, the Institute of Education and Teaching Schools Council. It is powered by the London Leadership Strategy (LLS), a not for profit organisation created by school leaders for school leaders to transform schools and improve outcomes for children, with whom OTSA has worked closely with on this area. 

When should schools commission a review? 


Schools can commission a review at any time if they wish to improve their school's SEND strategy. All schools should consider whether they could benefit from the fresh perspective of an experienced system leader, to help them implement new approaches or improve current provision to help raise the attainment of their SEND pupils. 


Why should schools commission a review?


It is paramount that all pupils have the best possible provision and that schools are not only seeking to meet, but exceed expected outcomes for all. An OTSA Review offers a collaborative approach in which expertise within a school is acknowledged and harnessed to the experience and fresh perspective of a professional peer. It builds relationships between schools, teachers and leaders, all working towards raising standards. 


Ministerial Statement: 


"Our vision for children and young people in schools with SEND is the same as for other pupils: that they achieve well, are included fully in their school communities, and are well prepared for the transition to an adulthood in which they lead happy and fulfilled lives. Educational excellence for children with SEND requires schools to use their best endeavours to meet the needs of all their pupils, and to monitor and track how well they are progressing. We know that classroom teachers are at the heart of schools' response to meeting individual needs: excellent teaching is the key." 


Edward Timpson 

Minister of State for Children and Families 


The review will be led by an OTSA designated SEND reviewer at a cost of £350 per day. 


For more information about how OTSA deliver SEND Reviews, including what you can expect from the experience, the process, and follow-up, please click here.

You can arrange a SEND Review through the OTSA online Support Enquiry Form.


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